Our activities in the Beaufort area

We plan and conduct activities that will accomplish the following:

  • Support the music program at Beaufort High School
  • Support the work of the Alzheimer’s Family Services of Greater Beaufort
  • Provide an enjoyable time of singing and of fellowship: to have fun.
  • Increase the musical knowledge and singing abilities of the members of the chapter chorus and quartets, and of the youth groups when opportunities arise.
  • Enrich our community and promote public appreciation for barbershop harmony
  • Perpetuate and promote a capella, four part, close harmony vocal music known as barbershop, and encourage other men to join us in this endeavor.
  • Support the objectives and activities of The Barbershop Harmony Society and its Carolina District.


To carry out these objectives we engage in these typical activities:

  • Performances at local charitable and civic events
  • Entertainment at private functions
  • Delivery of Singing Valentines, a rose and a card
  • Singing at retirement and nursing homesPresentation of formal (ticketed) shows and some free shows.


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